Adamant press articles

"Tanuki Project is much less a “new artist” than an undiscovered gem from Canada who’s been producing innovative music and touring with increasingly complex audio-visual shows since 2009. It’s actually criminal they haven’t had more interest yet, as the quality both of production and performance rivals the likes of Bjork, Massive Attack, Phantogram and modern-era Kraftwerk, to name a few. That seems about to change, however, with the release of the first two chapters from their new EP series, Adamant."With Adamant, the duo has finessed in their sound alluring and soulful vocal harmonies, pulsating beats and atmospheric electronic riffs to give audiences something truly startling to relish in.. Read full article here _ By Layla Marino for YOUREDM Magazine - December 15, 2021

"Tanuki Project’s “Adamant_CHAPTER#01” is extraordinarily good. Resonating, warm, futuristic, gorgeously sci-fi, hopeful in its dark refrains...It’s very gentle in its sadness, quiet in its surrender to the inevitable. But there’s such a lightness too. Moody but beautiful, achingly melancholy, intricate and yet astonishingly simple. Just a truly fantastic collection of songs. I really cant wait for more from them!". Read full article here _ By Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros for NOHO ARTS DISTRICT - November 11, 2021

"With Adamant, the duo has finessed in their sound alluring and soulful vocal harmonies, pulsating beats and atmospheric electronic riffs to give audiences something truly startling to relish in.. These are emotionally powered sounds that will resonate with listeners long after the record has stopped spinning. Packed to the tee with hypnotic bass lines, a very synths-based sound, invigorating beats and powerful vocals, those looking for some great electronica, trip hop and electronic soul tracks will find that these songs are just what they are looking for.". Read full article here _ My Nguyen for With Guitars magazine - November 17, 2021

"Though the music itself can carry over similarities from song to song so that the artist is never mistaken, there is this somewhat hidden, deeper meaning within these lyrics that you can find to paint this album together as one larger picture and connect the songs that way as well. On their own, each song is really well done and unlike anything else out there right but within the context of each other they become even more impressive and impossible to replicate. " Read full article here _ Joshua Macala for Raised by cassettes - November 4, 2021



Montreal based alternative electronic visual band, TANUKI project, a sexy dark sound, mixing mesmerizing vocals, hypnotic synth-bass lines and powerful beats with colorful video projections. Their sound and visuals create a world you can feel in your brain and body – music that is art you can breath in. This band must be experienced live to truly catch and feel the artistic and stroboscopic trance they create.

Coming from

French-born Legyl and Nady settled down in creative and artistic Montreal, Quebec in 2007 where they composed and self-produced the debut album PLAYGROUND FOR EVERYONE, released august 2010 under a record deal with the famous canadian group of labels Aquarius Records/DONALD K DONALD GROUP.

The stage

Since 2009, they toured Canada at CANADIAN MUSIC WEEK, [FAT] Toronto Alternative Art and Fashion week, MONTREAL MODE AND DESIGN FESTIVAL, showcases at Toronto Indie Week, COCA central regional conference and MEG festival. Fall 2011, they release a new EP called  ONE BY ONE, perform a TOKYO TOUR during the JAPAN MUSIC WEEK. A second Japan tour for 3 weeks in spring 2017: 10 concerts in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe.

Independence for creation

They decided to go independent and release their second album in october 2012,  FAR FROM THE CITY LIGHTS, with their own diy label GO WITH THE FLOW during a special multimedia performance at Montreal Contemporary Arts Museum. Feeding on their professional experience in the fields of multimedia, web and graphic arts, they like to explore and collaborate to remain creative: they composed the original soundtrack of the viral 3D animation short movie I, Pet Goat II + a few scenes of the animated series URBANCE from the creative Steambot Studios.


TRACE is their third album released in 2015 - 2016 starting with an EP, some videos and shows. Trace is the fruit of a collaboration with singer Mic Dainjah and the black novels writer André Marois. A «multimedia concept» mixing videos, music, songs and a short film. The music is a sort of electro Caribbean culture clash, some electronic soul... it's like a sound clash but everybody wins.

Soundsystem - Crazy Rozy

The soundsystem version started early 2016 with a simple but irresistible recipe: 2 humans, 10 machines, 125bpm. Electronic audio video live performance with analog synths, a drum machine and a voice with effects. Some energizing dirty house A/V live act they took on tour to Japan for 3 weeks in spring 2017: 10 concerts in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe.

Haters Lovers

Haters Lovers animation and Hip Hop / Trip Hop project with Joel Dos Reis Veigas (Urbance from Steambot Studios). Money Snake, featuring John Orpheus, is the first piece released end of 2018. The first EP #blackflag out on digital stores summer 2019: DISCOVER HERE

Adamant 21-22

Adamant is a cinematic electronic tale. ADAMANT’s sound is emotional, back to the band's Trip-Hop roots and the statement is purely artistic though deeply rooted in today’s collective unconscious issues. Super atmospheric and bravely minimalist. The CHAPTER #01 and CHAPTER#02 are officially released Fall 2021 with a full original video for the title SLOW .